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Lab Mission

How does technology

influence human development & well-being?

The Mental Health in the Digital Age Lab is a research hub that explores how technology is impacting human development and well- being across the lifespan. 
Research and community based projects focus  on research to practice ideas for optimum well-being and learning. The lab is a collaboration of work from Faculty and graduate students in the Mental Health in the Digital Age course.

Lab Goals 

It is the lab's mission to support individuals and communities by conducting research and outreach work in the following areas:


Individual and Collective (Community)

Mental Health

Technology's role in
human development and well-being

Digital Wellness and Digital Self-Intelligence

Socio-emotional Learning and Emotional Intelligence


Positive Psychology and authentic happiness, thriving, and flourishing


The intersection of learning and mental health 


Psycho-education in schools, workplaces, and communities

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One in 5 Canadians experience a mental illness or addiction problem - and nearly half of Canadians reported that their mental health worsened during the pandemic.

Supporting the mental health and well-being of Canadians, as we continue to face the uncertainty and challenges from COVID-19 and its variants, is a Government of Canada priority. Through PocketWell, a free app to the Wellness Together Canada (WTC) online portal – Canadians can access new resources, including a self-assessment tool and tracker that monitors mood and mental well-being.

PocketWell also connects seamlessly to the WTC portal, allowing access to free and confidential sessions with social workers, psychologists and other professionals, as well as other mental health and substance use services all from their phone. Call 1-866-585-0445, visit or download the PocketWell app today.

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