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Lab Events

Throughout the year the lab will be hosting a range of virtual and in-person events such as conferences, live webinars, workshops, and professional trainings. To sign up for upcoming events, please click on the event registration links. 

Event Calendar

Upcoming Events:

January 17 and 18: Mental Health First Aid Basic (virtual) with Brenda Mein

February 10: Trauma informed practices in schools with Dr. Laffier

March 3: Artistic Expression on Identify Formation in Youth, Aalyia Rehman

March 10: Digital Citizenship and Wellness, Aalyia Rehman

Past Events:

September 14 and 15: Mental Health First Aid Basic (Virtual Training), Dr. Laffier

September 20 and 21: Mental Health First Aid: For Adults that Interact with Youth, Heather Bickle

October 6 and 7: Mental Health First Aid: Seniors, Brenda Mein

October 14: Art to support the well-being of children and youth, Aalyia Rehman

October 21: Digital Wellness in the Workplace, Dr. Laffier

November 2 and 3: Mental Health First Aid for adults that interact with you, Dr. Laffier

November 16: Mental Health transition supports for first year college students, Dr Laffier and the Future
Institute of Chicago

November 24: Mental Health in the Digital Age Conference, Faculty of Education and the Mental Health in the Digital Age Lab

December 6: Well-being in a post-pandemic workplace with Dr. Laffier and Mental Health Commission
of Canada

Upcoming Workshops

Get Certified in Mental Health First Aid (Fully Online)! -

MHFA Standard -  Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the support provided to a person who may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis. As current sections are full, we are working to offer MHFA training throughout the months of June to December 2021. To select a date and training, please refer to the calendar below and select interested dates through the registration form.  ​

Course Objectives
In this 8 hr. course (3 modules) participants will learn how to support others experiencing mental health problems or in a crisis. The learning goals include:
  *   Recognize signs and symptoms of declining mental health
  *   How to initiate a conversation and support a person struggling or in crisis.
  *   Understand healthy supports for various mental health problems
  *   How to use crisis intervention strategies
  *   Use MHFA actions to maintain one's own mental well-being

Method of Instruction
There are 3 modules in this course. Participants are required to complete Module 1 (2 hrs.)  in their own time and submit proof of completion to the instructor 48 hours before participating in Module 2 and 3. Once a student registrars and pays they will receive a code to access Module 1.  This allows them to access Module 1 and the required 'MHFA Participant Reference Guide'. After completing Module 1 participants then complete Modules 2 and 3 online with the instructor. This will be held on a secure Zoom site between 9:30-5 pm.

  • Maximum 15 people per session.

  • Cost: $125.00.

    • Rates will increase to $150.00 after June 11​

Once you register you will receive an email for payment options which include e-transfer to

  • Please note: failure to complete Module #1 and submit proof of completion to the Mental Health Commission prior to the due date below will not permit you to continue in the training and there will not be a refund granted once registration closes.

**New Dates for 2022 Coming Soon!**

Wellness Wednesdays Workshops​
Growing up rural: the benefits of small-town living

Hosted by Dr. Jennifer Laffer on September 14 @ 7:30 pm

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