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Current Community

Mental Health First Aid Certification for youth, seniors, and adults

MHFA trainings, from the Mental Health Commission of Canada, are offered each semester to community members at an affordable and accessible cost

Mental Health supports for post-secondary students

Various psycho-education sessions for students are held each semester through the lab. These include art therapy, CBT therapy, eco-therapy and play therapy. Students learn strategies to use throughout their university life and beyond

The standardization of mental health apps in Canada

 As part of a research team with Mental Health Commission of Canada, we are developing a framework for mental health apps in Canada. To date there is no standardization of apps available. This will help users make healthy choices in apps for mental health supports

Digital Wellness during the pandemic: Community Webinars and presentations

These webinars and group sessions, hosted through the Mental Health in the Digital Age Lab from 2020 to present. explore how social media and other technologies such as gaming and internet use of spiked during the pandemic. Research by the Lab suggests some positive, yet negative impacts on mental health. The sessions explore how people can mitigate the risks and reap the benefits of technology use during times of change and uncertainty

Art Therapy: How art can help us during difficult times

Art sessions for parents and children are offered each semester since 2020, virtually. IN these sessions children get to share they art creations throughout COVID and how art is helping them cope. Parents learn about creative activities that can support their children and families through difficult times. Sessions are 1.5 hrs

Mental Health in the Workplace

In these workshops for employers, accommodations and strategies that help employees dealing with mental health concerns are reviewed for Human Resources, Managers and Directors. Effective back to work plans are discussed, along with mental health supports

Addressing bullying in the digital age

These school and community workshops discuss risk factors for cyberbullying and strategies to manage within the school, home and community setting

Digital Wellness programs for youth

This school-based program explores mental health in the digital age and strategies for digital wellness. These workshops consider youth developmental goals and positive psychology principles

Art and Play for Seniors

 these workshops are offered to senior centres as part of a mental health initiative from the Lab. The workshops include technology -based tools such as robotics, lego, gaming, and digital photography and art classes

Building Age friendly communities

These community seminars explore principles of age friendly design and supports for seniors

Wellness Wednesdays

On select Wednesday the lab hosts ‘Wellness Wednesday’ nights for members of the community. These virtual webinars are on topics related to mental health

Tuesday for Teachers

On select Tuesday nights there are webinars for teachers on the intersection of learning, technology and mental health

Eco therapy nights

On these evenings participants learn about the benefits of nature for mental health

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